October 13, 2007

iPod Classic

今天回家前,突然鬼迷心竅,居然領了錢到優仕把夢縈已久的 iPod Classic 帶回家,真開心。

July 09, 2007


領到第一筆薪水,送給自己的禮物是一台第三代的 iPod,晉升後就一直在想說該送給自己什麼禮物。想到這台 iPod 已經老態龍鍾,電池雖然換過一次,但是沒有備用電池盒的加持,還是無法持久播放。而容量也只有可憐的 15G,電腦裡的音樂都快又它的兩倍了,黑白螢幕加上超低解析度,更讓它在其他新近的後輩前抬不起頭來。但是一直催眠自己說新的 iPod 即將登場,加上攜帶性方面,已有 Shuffle 可以取代,添購 80G 的動力還嫌不足,於是這個提案就被打回票了。

June 18, 2007


剛從澳洲自助了兩個禮拜回來,我的第一印象是這是個年輕活潑的國家。前幾天很不習慣的是,他們實在很喜歡寒暄,走在郊外的路上,從旁插身而過的人,都會跟你問好。後來久了就習慣一路上遇到的陌生人都跟他問好,從 "Hi." "Hello." 一路進化到 "Good morning." "How are you?",這樣走著走著,腳步也輕盈起來了。

June 16, 2007

Russell River

I went to the white water rafting on the Russell River. We carried our deflated rafts on our shoulder and walked for one and half hours to reach the upstream of the river. Our guide, Rob said there were three dangerous animals we might met along the way: leeches, snakes, and cassowaries, but I only saw six leeches, all on my legs. I was made a team with a German guy. Our boat drifted away escaping the our guides' surveillence and nearly capsized in the dangerous river. Thrilling.

June 15, 2007

Tjapukai and Chrocodiles

Tjapukai is the name of the aboriginal living in Cairns. This park is for demonstration of the dance, music, herbal medicine, boomerang throwing, the aboriginal myth, and the oppression from the white. In the aftertoon, I visited the Hartleys Park. Strayed chrocodiles were fed in the farm. There were some koalas, snakes and cassowaries, too.

Didgeridoo playing.

The Hunting Dance.

Some little huts, of which the roof was made of the bark of the paper-bark tree.

A carpet python.

Chrocodile attack show.

June 14, 2007

Kuranda, Atherton Tablelands

The Tropical Horizon sent us to take the scenic train in the morning. The train arrived at Kuranda and we spent some time at the local market. Then a guide drove a minibus taking us to the coffee farm. We saw the famous dwarf coffee tree and the processing of coffee bean. Then the Granite Gorge amazed us with its landscape created by the ancient volcanos. We took the skyrail flying over the tree top and back to the Cairns.

This iron bridge is one famous spot along the railway.

The Stoney Creek Falls.

The Barron Falls.

Coffee beans before harvet.

Coffee flower. (immature)

An owl resting on the bough.

A wallaby.

The Skyrail.

June 13, 2007

The Great Barrier Reef

After getting off the night bus, I immediately headed the reef cruise. It was a cloudy day and the sea was very tough. Even though, the underwater world was still amazing, and thank God my mju-770sw was not dead.

This is the reef, the base of the Reef Magic Company. It built a platform nearby the reef, and offered unlimited snorkelling. Since I was a member of YHA, they gave me one free chance for experience diving. Superb!

It was a cloudy and windy day. But the coral still could be viewed clearly.

The Napoleon fish.

Every snorkeller were fond to taking pictures with him.
I joined the guided snorkelling to another reef less haunted by tourist. But the sea was very tough, so very much energy was spent to fight the sea. I even got my right thigh abraded by the coral. I saw many schools of very large fish. Some were longer than a man. But, due to the rough sea, I was not able to take clear photos of them.

June 10, 2007

Whitsunday Islands

The ship, Boomerang, run by the Southern Cross was my first choice since it always started on Sunday and I could jump on the boat on the same day arriving at Airlie Beach. No single day was wasted. However, it was full so I chose another ship called Ileola for the hostress of the Friendly Hostel offering me a good discount. Unfortunately, two brothers of the company picked me up at the bus station and told me that I was the only guest on the boat and they were forced to cancel the sailing. They found another ship, the Hammer instead. Although I was not happy in the beginning, I enjoyed the sailing very much later. In these 3 days, I just lazily strolled on the white fine sand beach, snorkelled with my precious mju-770sw, bathing the soothing sun on the deck, and met many friends...

Before heading for the boat, I took this picture at sea shore. This was the first time I saw the sea with light blue color.

The mast of the boat: the HAMMER.

The sail.

The Boomerang.

Beautiful coral.


We anchored the Hammer at this peaceful cove with a few other companions.

The boat leant to one side for the strong wind.

Thanks for the good wind, we were outpacing the Boomerang.

The Route.

June 08, 2007

Fraser Island

It is the largest sand island in the world and is enlist in the World Heritage. The aboriginal people believed it was transformed from a beautiful goddess. I joined a 2-day tour organised by the Fraser Island Company. A friendly and maybe a little bit talkative guide took us to visit every famous spots on the island including the rainforest, Lake Wabby, 75 Mile Beach, Indian Head, Champagne Pools, The Pinnacles, Maheno Wreck. I also knew some good friends coming from other country. There was a cute little Korean girl in our group, coming to Australia on the working holiday.

A special barge took us and the 4WD to the Fraser Island.

The 4WD bus was necessary to drive on the sand.

The 75 Mile Beach. We spotted whales here. We changed 3 4WD's in one day because they broke down easily.

Eli Creek: the longest freshwater creek on the Island. It's fun to wade the creek.

June 07, 2007

Sunshine Coast

I left Brisbane and bought the 7-day pass from Greyhound. I took a 2-hour bus to Noosa Heads and visited the beautiful national park. Then in the evening, I arrived at Hervey Bay, the stopover point to the Fraser Island. I love the Noosa Heads National Park very much. Sadly, most of the digital signals were destroyed by the merciless sea water...

This wingless bird was spotted near the gas station when the bus stopped for a brief rest.

This hostel got a "thumb-up" recommendation from "Let's Go". It was truly inexpensive, comfortable, and clean. However, the hostress was a little bit austere. Any tiny violation of her rules was not allowed.

June 06, 2007


I started my journey from Sydney, but all the photos taken there were lost forever.

Brisbane City Hall. It was a heavy rainy day, so I brought the water-proof mju-770sw with me. Maybe you've already known that I dropped my S3IS into the sea and lost most of photos, too. Therefore, these photos were the only set I took in the first week in Australia.

From the observatory deck, a church, which looks like a Lego brick, on the King George Square could be seen. The view on the deck was not so impressive for many skyscrapers surrounding the City Hall

The people cleverly changed the flooding area into a beautiful botanic garden.

A path between two rows of bamboos.

The Story Bridge.

The City Cat. It was the bus on the Brisbane River.

The South Bank Parklands, built on the former site of the 1988 World Expo.

The man-made lagoon which was surrounded by real sand beach. I wondered if it is possible to have this kind of lagoon in Taipei.

The city skyline from the south bank.

In the afternoon, I took the last bus to the Mount Coot-tha. I wish that I had more than 10 minutes to meander in this dreamy land.